Textile Waterproofing


Le produit indispensable pour l’entretien de vos textiles

The special textile waterproofing agent is suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces: cushions for garden furniture, fabric or leather sofas, clothes, shoes, canvas, tents …

It protects against water and redeposition of dirt.

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Les conseils de la Chatelaine
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    • For pure product use (by hand or machine):
      • Dilute 50ml (the equivalent of a detergent dose)
      • By hand, soak the garment (or any textile) for 1/4 hour
      • Wring out and let dry
    • For ready-to-use use:
      • Using a sprayer, dilute 10ml of product to 1L of water.
      • Generously spray the surfaces.
      • Let it dry.
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